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He's allergic to pollen.

Thank you so much for helping me.

The ABC company is in the red again.


Everybody should have a purpose.


I want the same watch as my sister has.


I love you like a brother.

She is over twenty.

I spend money as soon as I get it.


She was the last person I expected to see in such a place.

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I don't want to tell you the truth.


He was in the process of making a final decision.

Put down your name and address here.

Now that you are an adult, you should know better.

According to a review of previous research, high levels of chocolate consumption can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

I don't think Leith would really want that.

Mah was involved in the planning of the robbery.

The noise got on my nerves.

I didn't mean to embarrass you.

When was the last time you heard Matthias talking about Srinivasan?

"I fell in love with you, not Maria." - "Why have you not let me feel that?"

I concentrated on what he was saying.

I can't believe anyone ate what Spencer cooked.

Can we talk with them?

How is Cristian doing?

What do you and your boyfriend usually do for foreplay?

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Do you remember when you last saw Spudboy?


This is my first confession and I have every reason to be nervous.

What made you decide to come here?

He cannot have said that.

Jeffie has been seeing a therapist for a month and a half.

I didn't do anything to her.

She is as pretty as anything.

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

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Changes came quickly.

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Can you write it down?

Mayo is unwilling to help Olof with her homework.

As a matter of fact, I have had nothing since this morning.

Where I can find the check-in counter for Tam please?

She studies as hard as ever.

He is afraid to swim.

I am not such a fool but can appreciate it.

Monty was in the center of the room.

Can you pay half the bill?

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Where's the telegraph office?

Everybody who was anybody was there.

I'd really like to go.

As far back as I can remember, I have had thoughts and ideas which at the time, seemed to make me unique.

Shall I open it?

Presley accused Merat of cheating.

Let's go to that fancy restaurant for dinner instead of lunch.

Johann is missing a few teeth.

Kyle is a carpenter.

May comes after April.

Let's just try it. Who cares what happens afterward? There's no sense thinking too much about that.


We didn't want to upset him.


Nobody was listening to what Myrick was saying.


I had no idea where I should go.

Please put this into English.

She misplaced her purse.

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I could hear Kristi yelling.

The man whom she is talking with is Mr Allen.

They dug down up to twelve meters under sea level.

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Did Hirofumi let Jacob drive his car?

Roger had absolutely no idea what to do.

He didn't confirm.


Well, I've been better.


Just sit down and listen to me.


I don't speak English as fluidly as Naomi does.

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Rodent has tested positive for cocaine.


What are you doing next Monday?

"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"

The pen is on the desk.


Harvey's parents weren't home.

God shot himself.

Public morals have been corrupted in this town.

We hope to come up with a solution soon.

I don't manufacture your computers.


It makes no difference whether you want to do it or not.

I'm going to get in trouble.

After it rains and the ground is damp, it's easier to pull weeds.

That custom has become very widespread.

I may have left my wallet on the bus.


"Okay, Adrian, pitting, pitting." "I really don't understand this drivethrough. I mean, the backmarker was holding me up, holding everyone up, and I get a drivethrough. Tell the FIA I really don't understand that." "Yes, we think it's very harsh and we will discuss it further with the FIA."

She bought articles of clothing one after another.

Is roast chicken on the menu tonight?

I knew Dawn wouldn't be here.

I'm not interested in modern art.


You're so intense.


My client has been charged with murder.

My job is to wash dishes.

Hey, don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.


I saw my mother hide the cake.

I've got one of these.

Ben claimed to be the son of a rich man.

Galileo dropped two iron balls from the top of the tower.

He took the position that he agreed to it.


Gail commutes to work by train.


C# is similar to Java.

Did you have a lot of happy experiences during your childhood?

We didn't have any choice.


Thank you for coming by.

Owen and Amos are asleep in bed.

You did what the rest of us couldn't do.


The people came out of their houses to listen to his music.

You'd better not go out.

The Princess's horse was called Falada, and could speak.

I'm quite sure of that.

You have cancer.

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A human body consists of a countless number of cells.

One morning, a gorgeous girl wandered by.

This :-) is an emoticon.


The policeman is going after the man.

Does anyone know where Sekar went?

No one respects me.


None of her friends were really big on social media.


Can you explain how Hy died?


I'm really starting to worry that you've got a hearing problem.

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Look at the next page.

I imagine that you went through a lot of difficulties.

During my childhood, I used to come here frequently, look around and think.

You can't stop us.

Greg jogs every morning.

Maybe I should check on him.

Are you still doing that?


Make some noise!

Marcel only has five health points left.

Mariou can't abide veggies.

I have to work.

I'm done with you.

Did Irvin say why he was here?

You seem very nervous this morning.

Some cuttlefish have shells.

We're doing just fine.


Srikanth also was very serious.

My teacher wrote a recommendation for me.

Your flight leaves at 2:30.

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How far is it from here to that station?

Has anyone seen her?

Where is her picture?


It all started in this place.

I want to go straight.

Do you know what's in those containers?


How is that question germane to what we're discussing?


Wild animals live in the jungle.

You're just the person we've been looking for.

You should give Dana flowers.

You should ask Tal.

We're not open for business yet.


That pizza looks delicious.

The work cost 100 dollars.

It resembles a wedding.

She doesn't know who she should ask.

The countess agrees with all these conditions.

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Sherman met with Johnston a few days later.